Tuning your ears to Italian pronunciation

Tuning your ears to Italian pronunciation
This trainer is a deck of flashcards designed to train you to distinguish the different sounds (phonemes) of the Italian language and to learn how these different sounds are written in Italian.
How does it work?
The trainer shows you flashcard with pairs of words* with slightly different pronunciation and asks you to guess which of the two words matches the pronunciation heard. By showing the correct answer on the back of the flashcard the trainer gives you instantaneous feedback on your answer and then reschedules a revision of the same word pairs at an optimal interval time for learning and retention.
On which software does the trainer run?
The trainer run on a free software called Anki that can be downloaded here
it runs on Mac , Windows, Android and Linux and iPhone (iPhone version is not free).  
What’s the principle behind this method?
The trainer is based on principles that optimise learning:
  • Comparing words with minimal phonetic differences, such as minimal pairs: this make easier to isolate and distinguish the single phonemes that are characteristic of the Italian language.
  • Rapid feedback: rapid feedback is essential to learn efficiently new skills.
  • Spaced repetition: spaced repetition is used to revise the learning material at intervals that are optimized to increase retention and memory.
Who should buy it?
This trainer will be helpful for people who want to learn Italian and are starting from zero knowledge of the language pronunciation.
The trainer will save the language learner considerable time in learning different phonemes (sounds) of the Italian language and by doing so it will jumpstart your ability to learn Italian language. In other words, by learning to differentiate the different sounds of Italian language you will learn Italian faster. 
To build this trainer I spent several days researching pair of words* that have minimal sound differences in order to facilitate comparison and understanding of the differences. By buying this trainer you will save a considerable amount of time when compared to build your own pronunciation trainer.
More than 300 flashcards each one with a pair of words** and the sound of an Italian word recorded from an Italian native speaker.
* note that some of the words are invented words without meaning that are just used for the purpose of comparing the pronunciation with other words.
** note that this trainer is not aimed at teaching vocabulary, as it focuses only on learning to distinguish the sounds of Italian words